Introducing the FreshCut $1 Million Creator Fund

We’re putting up 1 million dollars because we want you to know we’re serious in our effort to ensure FreshCut’s early creators can monetize.

Introducing the FreshCut $1 Million Creator Fund

Last week we announced our $15M fundraise to build the new home for gaming’s best moments. Did you know some of our key investors — Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch), Galaxy Interactive and Animoca Brands — are experts in improving and transforming the creator economy? Yup.

With this raise FreshCut is focusing on doing right by the creator community and their fans. Our focus is to build the killer short-form content platform for gamers and to do that, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Introducing the $1M Creator Fund.

That’s right. One million dollars, right off the bat. Look at us, who’d have thought?

We know the effort creators go through to produce great content. Creators who have been consistent on the grind still get taken for granted and we’re tired of seeing it. Traditional content platforms today want you to prove your worth by pushing their ads agenda and help build their bottom line off of your content and community building.

Dr. Evil gets it

We’re putting up 1 million dollars because we want you to know we’re serious in our effort to ensure FreshCut’s early creators can monetize. Time to get that bread for being so dedicated to your craft.

Let’s talk about how the fund will be used and how FreshCut plans to support early creators who join the community.

We get it. Trying something new sucks. We’re convinced that what we’re building will be the home for gaming’s best moments, so it’s on us to get you over the hump.

Every approved creator who signs up for an account (by creating a FreshCut wallet), uploads a few clips, then shares their account on social media will get 25 bucks. Simple and easy.

We value early adopters and want early creators to help us build a killer product and community. Your time is valuable and damnit, we want to acknowledge that.

Upload your best moments over the course of your first month and share them with the world to get your bonus. Yup, that’s it. We know you have good clips…so let’s see ‘em.

Did we mention that ALL early FreshCut creators will have access to the first-month participation bonus?

A community is best built together. For every creator you refer that is accepted into our program, you’ll get $25.

Did we mention that there’s NO LIMIT to how many referrals you bring? Refer away!

Your friend must at least complete the requirements for the Creator Onboarding Reward.

Fans Can Get Referrals, Too

The referral also applies for fans of creators! If you refer your favorite creators to FreshCut and they join, you can also get the referral bonus.

The onboarding reward, first-month participation bonus and referrals are available for a limited time.

FreshCut Diamonds (FCD) are an integral part of FreshCut, it’s how fans are rewarded, how fans help creators earn, and how creators will monetize long term. Everyone from creators to fans to community members will be able to earn FCD. It’s our mission to ensure that when you help build FreshCut, you earn.

FreshCut events are meant to celebrate the collaboration between creators, their content, fans and the FreshCut community. FreshCut creators who are approved to run co-branded events will earn a stipend of FCD straight to their wallets. We’ll also cover FCD to give away to fans for participating and at times, other prizes such as game gift cards and even FreshCut merch.

Have a great idea for a weeknight stream with FreshCut and your fans? Submit your ideas to us in the creator section of our Discord.

With our Creator Rewards Pool, every creator will earn FCD for simply using the FreshCut platform. Eligibility to earn FCD will be shared at a later date. Rest assured, if you upload your best moments and share them with the community you’ll earn.

Join our Discord as we unveil more information on the rewards pool in the weeks to come.

You may be asking yourself, “Why’s FreshCut doing this?!”

We’re doing this because creators need something better than content platforms that optimize for their bottom line instead of giving a proper share to creators. Few platforms cut creators in from day one or have a path forward for creators to earn a living.

We know the value that gaming content creators bring to the industry and we want it to be known that FreshCut is here to help improve the creator economy. We’re building the dedicated home for gaming’s best moments and with that, the best community of creators and fans.

If you’re interested in becoming a FreshCut creator, we’d love to have you. Check out our Current Program Requirements to see if you’re eligible and be sure to see our slick new Creator Landing Page to learn more about our program.

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