FreshCut Year in Review: 2022

2022 was an awesome year for FreshCut and our community. Let’s hop in the time machine and check out all the cool things we did together this year.

FreshCut Year in Review: 2022

2022 was an awesome year for FreshCut and our community. Let’s hop in the time machine and check out all the cool things we did together this year. We made major strides towards our goal of building the best short form content platform for the gaming community and can’t wait for what’s coming in 2023.

2022: By The Numbers

The FreshCut Platform

The product and engineering teams at FreshCut took it to the next level in 2022. From shipping innovative, industry-leading features to listening to community feedback and delivering fast updates, the team has built a truly impressive product.

  • FreshCut Diamonds - We launched Diamonds, our virtual currency, Diamonds are a key part of FreshCut and how creators monetize and the community is rewarded. Diamonds power many exciting use cases in the FreshCut ecosystem, from creator tipping, to membership and merch.
  • In-App Wallet - To enable the use of Diamonds and tipping, the team built a proprietary in-app wallet. Built on the Polygon blockchain for speed and environmental efficiency, our wallet is the first in the world for a gaming content platform. The wallet makes it easy to manage your Diamonds from the palm of your hand.
  • Creator Tipping - We’re changing how creators monetize. While most platforms take between 30-50% of creator earnings, FreshCut gives creators 90% of all Diamond tips received on our platform. We believe that creators deserve to take home the majority of the tips shared with them by their community. This is part of our mission to help creators monetize their short form content far better than on the big tech platforms. Diamonds are a creator’s best friend.
  • In-App Quests - we also released our signature quests in our mobile app. Fans and creators are rewarded with Diamonds for participating in fun, engaging activities in the FreshCut app like watching great clips, interacting with creators, and more. Get Diamonds to tip creators, buy merch, or qualify for membership!
  • Stream Alerts - Connecting your live stream experience with your short form content is a unique opportunity so we launched a custom FreshCut Twitch Stream Alert! When you tip a creator on FreshCut who’s live on Twitch (with this feature activated), a notification will pop up on stream that you just tipped them with Diamonds! This can also be activated for new follows on FreshCut. See stream alerts in action in this highlight reel.
  • Numerous app upgrades including
     - Our new For You feed, an endless scroll of the best gaming content, tailored to    your likes and interests
     - Improved video quality (and added vertical video support), search speed and parameters, comment replies, performance updates, and much more
     - Countless UI/UX updates like mentions, tags, and suggested creators
  • 100s of improvements, optimizations, and fixes based on your feedback.

Our Creators

We had lots of exciting developments as we welcomed more creators and partners to FreshCut than ever before! We’ll continue to raise the bar for creators in 2023.

Held our first FreshCut Challenges, FreshCut Rising Star, and The Gemmys!

  • Challenges are weekly clip contests hosted by the FreshCut team and creators. Share your best content for great rewards ranging from cash to game credits and Diamonds! Simply upload your content using the correct tag during the Challenge window (ex. #FreshCut1k or #ValPlays) and your clip may be selected by our judges! Current challenge just launched: #FortniteChamp.
  • FreshCut Rising Star was our first ever creator competition! With $10,000 on the line and great prizes from our sponsors, hundreds of creators competed for the chance to be crowned the very first Rising Star. Congrats to Karnage_de for taking home the title! Stay tuned for more creator competitions like this.

Our Community

Our community grew significantly in 2022 and it was great to get to know you throughout the year. The FreshCut Discord is the hub of all our community announcements and activities like streams, events, tournaments, and giveaways. If you haven’t joined our server yet, what are you waiting for!

Some highlights include:

  • Meeting creators and the community IRL - Sponsored EVO 2022 and held a special creator meet and greet experience with big names from the community, introduced a FGC-themed 360 video booth activation, and hosted FreshCut Fight Night Exhibition matches at our after hours party where top FGC players faced off. We also met lots of creators for the first time at our TwitchCon happy hour. Tons of fun bowling and getting to know everyone!
  • Holding two seasonal campaigns filled with creator events, giveaways, quests, and more - FreshCut Summer and FreshCut Fall
  • Connecting with the community via weekly events like our $1K tournaments and community streams

2023 - what to look forward to?

What will 2023 bring? We’ll continue to change the game for the gaming community. From our product to our events and activations, expect the same great FreshCut fun as well as new twists and improvements.

A little preview:

  • Creator Tools — new tools and services that make it easier to create, edit and publish content
  • Events — events and partnership that will highlights creator and the gaming community in a big way.
  • App Upgrades -  more upgrades to the core platform experience for both creators and fans. Our goal is to make the FreshCut app the go-to place for gaming moments
  • Further product improvements and Diamond integrations

Thank YOU!

Thank you to the FreshCut community for supporting us! 2022 was a big year for FreshCut and we couldn’t have done it without you. We appreciate your enthusiasm, ideas, and interest in building a new short form content platform, one that serves the gaming community and rewards them for their content and efforts. We can’t wait for what’s to come!

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