Connect with Community via Live Stream Alerts

Stream alerts enable you to show real-time actions in FreshCut while you’re live on Twitch. Learn how to set up alerts and recognize your community when they tip or follow you in the app.

Connect with Community via Live Stream Alerts

Twitch is the home of your live streams and FreshCut is the home for all your highlights. Now we’re bringing the two together with Twitch stream alerts!

Stream alerts enable you to show real-time actions in FreshCut while you’re live on Twitch. Share with your audience when a user has tipped you in Diamonds or followed your profile on FreshCut.

Lets bridge the gap between your live and asynchronous content!

How do live stream alerts help creators?

Stream alerts help creators by:

  1. Provide incentives for your fans to engage with your stream via tipping in FreshCut. One more way to support you as a creator
  2. Recognize and show appreciation to supporters for their tips and follows on FreshCut. This is important! We want people to feel good when they do good
  3. Promote your FreshCut profile on stream. Drive awareness for your FreshCut content

For many fans #2 matters a lot. Many want to be more than a name in chat. Everyone wants to belong. Everyone wants to be part of a community.  Appearing on a livestream with their favourite creator in front of their community can make someone's day. Let's help them get there!

How to setup stream alerts in FreshCut?

To set up stream alerts, go to Creator Studio and navigate to “Stream Alerts” in the left panel.

Copy the URL for the alert widget and paste it into the corresponding section in your streaming software panel (OBS, Streamlabs, etc). This widget would become a new browser source and you can paste the alert directly inside. You may change the sizing of the widget in Streamlabs Desktop or OBS  as you see fit!

How can you customize FreshCut alerts today?

  • Set alerts for tips and followers. When they are on - you will get notified on stream and you can recognize your community
  • You can pick from several gorgeous animation presets that we've designed.
  • You can also toggle sound

That's it! Enjoy.  And if you ever get stuck - hit us up on Discord.

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